Le Stanze di Sara - B&B Roma - Trastevere

Being in Trastevere means to be in the heart of Rome, in every sense.

The b&b rooms Sara is on the third floor of a building from the early 60's, located on the central Viale Trastevere, a few steps from Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere and Portaportese behind the building.

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When at the end of the 19th century Nazareno Carletti went looking for work in Rome, he settled in the typical working-class neighbourhood of ‘Testaccio’, at that time a business centre for those in the meat trade.

Nazareno’s son Arturo, born in 1895, would later continue in his father’s occupation and in 1923, still living in his father’s house located in Via Marmorata 169, married his nextdoor neighbour Evarista Marsini, who in 1926 bore him a son, Alberto.

With the changing times and a novel ways of trading - the shaking of hands was insufficient anymore for reaching an agreement - Alberto himself would give up his University studies and later a comfortable banking job in order to continue his own father’s profession.

Alberto married the young and pretty Mirella Giovannella and in 1953 they moved to another neighbour in Rome, Monteverde. In 1958 Maurizio, their only child, was born and in 1962 they decided to bring together theirs and Arturo’s families under one roof and thus rented a beautiful flat on the third floor of a new building, close to the slaughterhouse where Nazareno and Arturo worked. Two generations of Carletti’s were reunited.

That same flat, purchased later by Maurizio, the last member in the family line, has now bequeathed its later history to the Carlettis. Recently refurbished and transformed into a B&B, it is fondly managed by Maurizio’s wife Sara and thus named: ‘Sara’s Rooms’